The arts complement each other without serving mere illustration:

•    For the program "Traces" with "So Tear" at its center 

("Rend your hearts and not your garments," Joel 2/13), 

we created an installation of lead + video in which we performed.

•    Rudolf zur Lippe's ink paintings, inspired by bird flight 

and Japanese techniques, on large-format canvases 

were present in various concepts of life lines.

•    In the program "Ryoanji," F. P. Kelm's duos were visually integrated.

•    Texts are read, hung, or projected in our performances,

influencing the content and form of the presentations. 

Often, they serve as a starting point (e.g., "Spes nostra," DADA, and others).

 I frequently play within and with art installations 

that I develop together with the artists 

(holograms, sculptures, light installations, among others).