La Carte de Tendre 
(nach Texten der M. de Scudéry)
Monteclair, Couperin, Hotteterre,
Jacquet de la Guerre u.a.
Original Ruckers, Sammlung Beurmann
Ulrike Volkhardt/Ann Morgan

Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre
camerata moderna


Un lay de consolation

Compositions for 

Ulrike Volkhardt

Zu Gottes Ehr und Deinem Trost
Kontrafakturen von Lutherliedern 
aus norddeutschen Quellen
Zum Jahr der Musik
innerhalb der Lutherdekade
ensemble devotio moderna

Music of the Heath Monasteries:

"... the very different pieces are presented not in esoteric clouds of incense: With simple vocal expression, flowing tempos, and organic phrasing, they bring the centuries-old and long-lost music back to life. 

A remarkable journey through time." (FonoForum)

"With reconstructed instruments, the ensemble 'devotio moderna' has now dared to undertake such a colossal revival project... The result is remarkable. It provides fascinating insights into the past...

 A spirituality that can be captivating for today's listeners as well." (FAZ)

Wy wullen alle vrolick syn 
Music from Kloster Ebstorf

God sy gelovet
Music from Kloster Lüne

Herre unser Herrscher
Music from Kloster Isenhagen

Danck unde Loff
Music from Kloster Wienhausen

Loff unde ere 
Music from Kloster Medingen

Vorlehn uns freden gnediglich
Music from Kloster Walsrode

from  Kloster Wienhausen

Mini CD

from  Kloster Ribnitz

Mini CD

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