camerata moderna was founded by Ulrike Volkhardt and Karl-Ernst Went  

and was one of the first ensembles to combine Baroque music 

with contemporary works commissioned by them.


Aligned with the ideals of modernity and avant-garde of the 

Florentine Camerata, the camerata moderna presented a repertoire 

primarily composed of Early Baroque but also Late Baroque pieces, 

for 2 recorders, chitarrone, harpsichord, and viola da gamba,                       placing them in a new context.  

They developed interdisciplinary performances showcased in concert halls, cultural centers, churches, and museums such as Sprengelmuseum Hannover.

camerata moderna was invited to festivals in Amsterdam, Japan, and Australia, among others.

Outstanding works and performances:


Art is dependent on the execution and direction of the time in which it exists, and artists are creatures of their epoch.

Dadaist Manifesto, 1918