Duets for recorders have existed countless through the centuries! 

Playing is a form of entertainment between two individuals: 

You have to harmonize, but also appreciate each other's idiosyncrasies. 

Something new develops from the interaction. 

In the "quiet chamber," one plays for personal joy, 

but for concerts, the program must be particularly interesting 

because the instrumentation may seem unspectacular... 

Through the use of our numerous instruments, thematic focuses, 

incorporation of space, and interactive elements with the audience, 

this becomes a wonderful challenge given the extensive literature.

Composers often dedicate themselves to the fascinating recorder instruments. 

Duo compositions for UV:

  • Rosenroman, Susanne Erding Swiridoff 
  • Gothic, Franz Schillinger 

Duos of course also  include combinations of recorder and lute 

or recorder and harpsichord/organ. 

Both instrumentations offer a rich repertoire.

I enjoy them with Ulrich Wedemeier (lute) 

and Ketil Haugsand (harpsichord) 

and I have done so with Ludger Rémy (†).