On the occasion of the rediscovery of pre-Reformation music 

from the monasteries in the German Heath 

and their counterparts in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 

(Photos: Isenhagen Monastery and the opening of the Monastery Museum Ribnitz), I founded the ensemble devotio moderna. 

It consists of singers (Schola or soloists) and instrumentalists. 

The singing is supported by instruments depicted 

in the music manuscripts and other sources from the monasteries: Portative organ, harp, psaltery, lute, recorder, hurdy-gurdy, and bells. 

A bell tree and handbells were reconstructed based on 

Medingen manuscripts. 

The monastery music is documented on CDs, 

musical drawings from the sources compiled in a book, 

and several chants are published in practical editions. 

Concerts and workshops for various interests are continuously held.